The best new and alternative hot cross bun flavours for Easter 2021

Weird and wonderful twists to our Easter favourite, the hot cross bun, are nothing new. Supermarkets and bakeries have been studding them with everything from chocolate to cheese (instead of traditional vine fruit and citrus peel) for years, and 2021 is certainly no exception. Traditionalists, look away now…

Though you could argue that you can’t beat a warm, buttery hot cross bun crammed with sultanas and fragrant with cinnamon, you can certainly come close with this year’s haul of non-traditional bakes.

Highlights include a cheese and Marmite edition (set to divide the nation, but we’re all for it), and a giant, sliceable hot cross bun.

Some creations, however, are not so successful, as you’ll discover below. 

Co-op Irresistible brioche chocolate chip hot cross buns

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