Nicola Sturgeon hits back at Alex Salmond claims at Holyrood inquiry appearance – live updates


Ms Watt then asked at the time of the commissioning of the procedure, was the First Minister aware of any of the concerns being raised about the behaviour of any current or former minister.

Ms Sturgeon responded: “At the time we commissioned it on October 31, no. I became aware through a media inquiry of an allegation about the former first minister some days after that.”

Ms Watt asked if that influenced the way she looked at the policy.

Ms Sturgeon said it did not.

Finally, Ms Watt said: “Do you think this policy, which related to the civil service, should have been discussed in Parliament?”

Ms Sturgeon said: “That’s obviously one of the implications, that this policy is a bespoke Alex Salmond policy and even in the days when we were besties, Alex Salmond has a tendency to see most things as being about him.

“I hope he takes that in the spirit it’s intended. But it wasn’t, no. I think to see it in that way, really ignores what was happening globally at that time.

“This was about the ‘me too’ revelations. Did the Sky thing then influence my views on it? No it didn’t. The danger I think then would have been had I started to influence this policy in a way that somehow protected him.

“If I’d taken my red pen and crossed out former ministers then I would legitimately be sitting here right now getting a lot of criticism. The policy was not put in place because of Alex Salmond, but nor did I allow any considerations to influence the decisions I took on that.”

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