NHS to spend almost £100m improving maternity safety after Shrewsbury care disaster

The NHS is to spend almost £100 million to improve safety in maternity services across England following the care scandal at the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust.

Senior bosses at NHS England are expected to approve plans today to spend £95 million on boosting the numbers of midwives and doctors in hospitals, and increasing training for staff and enhancing culture on maternity units.

The decision at the NHS England board is a response to the first report into the scandal at the Shrewsbury trust where dozens of babies and mothers died as a result of persistent poor care over many years.

It’s thought the money could help recruit 1,000 more midwives across England and 80 more consultant obstetricians.

The scale of deaths and brain damaged babies at the trust, first revealed by The Independent in 2019, is the largest maternity scandal in the history of the NHS and has prompted widespread concerns over the safety of maternity services across the country.

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