Joe Biden to give his first presidential press conference


For most of Mr Biden’s tenure, his public appearances have been delivered from prepared remarks read from a teleprompter directly to a TV camera. A unregulated, live TV conference is an entirely different challenge.

Aides have reportedly been preparing Mr Biden for the event all week, holding a practice session for him and preparing a ring binder folder of talking points in 14-point font for the president to rely on.

Mr Biden is expected to begin the conference with prepared remarks and reportedly plans to announce a new vaccination target, but he will have little control over which topics the journalists want to discuss.  

Today’s conference is likely to feature difficult questions on the border crisis, gun control legislation and the foreign policy challenges Mr Biden faces. 

Given his age – he is 78 – Mr Biden is also likely to face questions over whether he plans to run for a second term. 

While Mr Biden’s relationship with the press corps has been less contentious than Mr Trump, he is still expected to face a tough time. 

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