Eddie Howe interview: On passionate Newcastle fans, hard work and avoiding adulation

Newcastle United do not need one of their own in charge. What they need is someone who represents their core values – hard work, passion and dedication.

“I think I was a good student when I was young,” Howe explained. “I always wanted to please my mum, be a good lad, do well and show that I had a good attitude.

“I always worked hard at everything I did and tried to give my best. I don’t think I was necessarily gifted, I wasn’t a gifted student, I wasn’t a gifted sportsman, really.

“Everything I’ve achieved has been through a lot of practice, a lot of repetition, so nothing has ever come easy

“I know the processes I’ve had to go through to get success and I know the sacrifices I’ve made. I love the process as well, I will say that. I love working and I love the thought of trying to improve myself. If I think there’s something that I think will make me better, I’ll do it. I’m fully invested in every step, there are no short-cuts to it, you have to do the work.”

Howe has displayed all of these traits over the past few months, but whereas Keegan was a showman; an emotional extrovert and Robson was equally outgoing and supremely confident in the spotlight, Howe is a different sort of character.

There is something of the “ordinary man” about the 44-year-old, who admits the hardest thing has been spending so much time away from his family, who still live on the south coast, as they have not been able to find a suitable family home in the North East yet

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