John Smoltz tells funny story of skipping spring training to golf with Tiger Woods (Video)


John Smoltz shared an amazing story of a time he skipped a day of spring training to go golfing with Tiger Woods. 

If you had the opportunity to go golfing with Tiger Woods at Augusta National Golf Club, you’d do everything possible to make it, right? Well, that opportunity presented itself for Atlanta Braves legend John Smoltz and there was just no way he was going to pass up on the chance.

However, when Woods called Smoltz, it was in the middle of spring training. Fortunately for Smoltz, former Atlanta skipper Bobby Cox wasn’t going to stop his star hurler from missing this chance of a lifetime.

John Smoltz golfing with Tiger Woods at Augusta is something he’ll never forget

“I was so excited,” Smoltz told FanSided in the video above. “And I had a hard time getting to the place where he was because of fog and just some directions. I was late. And I felt horrible. But he hung in there and we didn’t get a chance to hit any balls when we got there because of me being late.

“So imagine going right to the first tee, no warm up swings, back all the way back and I pipe it right down the middle and he gets in the bunker on the right. And we’re walking down the fairway and he said to me, ‘This might be your day.’ I said you’re darn right. It’s gonna be my day.”

That experience is definitely something Smoltz will never forget. At the same time, just imagine how thankful he was that Cox went ahead and gave him the green light to hit the links at one of the most famous golf courses in the world with one of the top players on the planet.

While Smoltz is a Hall-of-Famer and will go down as one of the best pitchers in Atlanta history, even he got a little nervous playing a round with Woods. Can you blame him? Not at all.

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