When Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Following an accident in which you sustained significant physical injuries, you can consider filing a personal injury lawsuit against the liable parties. Whether it is a car accident, a motorcycle crash, a bike collision, a slip and fall accident, or any mishap from which you were physically hurt, it is your legal right to pay for damages. The big question, therefore, is how soon you can file for such a claim and when you should hire a personal injury attorney. The following points from Dallas personal injury lawyers attempt to answer this question to help you make informed decisions.

The extent of Your Injuries

Injuries sustained in an auto accident vary in severity. Some may involve intense medical care, and then there are your average fender benders which can do no more harm than simply leave you dazed.

For accidents involving minor injuries, you can manage to work on the legal and settlement processes and settle the claim independently and with fewer hassles. However, you’ll need to hire a lawyer if your injuries require a prolonged hospital stay, surgery, chiropractic works, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation. Such injuries tend to be severe and may involve heavy medical expenses, which require professional legal and medical guidance.

The Fault Factor

If you believe the liable parties were truly negligent and at fault and that their negligence resulted in your injuries or wrongful death of your loved one, then you’ll need to retain a personal injury attorney. Proving fault in a personal injury case can be complex and critical. Therefore, you should contact your attorney immediately to gather and preserve crucial evidence that validates your claim.

Communication With Insurance Companies

If the liable parties’ insurance company attempts to contact you after you were injured in an accident, then it is time to contact your lawyer. Insurance companies have experts called adjusters, which they employ to minimize losses arising from an injury lawsuit. If these insurance adjusters contact you and ask for medical reports, personal statements, or any other piece of evidence of the accident from you, then reach out to a personal injury attorney.

Never speak to the insurance companies or their people in the absence of your personal injury attorney. Insurance companies are known for being reckless in that they may use whatever you have told them to invalidate and kill your case. Before you fall for their tricks, consult with your attorney.

When the Company Refuses to Pay Up

All your medical bills, lost income, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, and any other damages you suffered deserve to be compensated a reasonable amount. If the company refuses to pay what you deserve or offers a meager amount, then hire a personal injury attorney to take up your legal defense.

If the Insurance Company is Disputing the Liability

No insurance company will agree to a settlement so easily and especially if you have no legal representation. Most probably, they’ll employ all manner of tricks to ensure they do not pay up or they pay too low than you deserve.

They can go as far as to dispute the liability of their client even if the evidence says otherwise. In such a scenario, hiring a competent personal injury attorney may be your best defense to ensure you get justice and compensation for what you de

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