Job Growth in 2022: The Best Industries for You to Enter Now


Are you new to the job market and wondering what is the best career path to pursue? Perhaps you are considering entering a trade school or university education. Or maybe you’re looking for a midlife career change.

In any of these circumstances, considering current and predicted job market trends can be valuable. Which industries are growing? Which have the most job openings now, and what need will there be in the future? What career choice provides the most job security?

If you’re not already a part of the industries discussed below, you may need to seek additional training to pursue your desired career. You will also want to employ the best resume templates available to present your credentials in a modern and visually appealing format.

U.S. Job Growth Predictions for 2022

Unemployment rates and stock market statistics often make the latest news. But job growth statistics are equally newsworthy. Consider the following projections compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. You’ll notice that information collected since 2012 is used to predict continuing job trends for the coming year.

  • During the decade concluding in 2022, total employment in the United States is expected to increase by 10.8 percent, reaching at least 161 million jobs.
  • Certain fields have increased by more than 20 percent in recent years, representing a growth that is “much faster than average.”

What do these statistics mean to you? Let’s take an in-depth look at the fields that are expected to experience the most growth.

What Fields Can Expect the Most Growth?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the fastest growth is occurring in four fields: healthcare, healthcare support, personal care, and construction. In fact, one-third of all new jobs during the past decade have arisen within these fields. We’ll consider the former fields under the broad heading of “healthcare.”

Careers in Healthcare

Healthcare, healthcare support, and personal care jobs include doctors of various sorts, registered nurses (RNs), licensed nurse practitioners (LPNs), physician’s assistants (PAs), certified nursing assistants (CNAs), emergency medical technicians (EMTs), medical coders, adult sitters, and other positions.

Since 2012, the available jobs in the categories “personal care and service occupations,” “healthcare practitioners and technical occupations,” and “healthcare support occupations” have together increased by nearly 5 million jobs. That represents an increase of 20.9 percent, 21.5 percent, and 28.1 percent respectively, which is classified as “much faster than average.” This represents the largest increase “of any major occupational group.”

Personal care aides are a specific example of intensive growth. By 2022, this position is expected to “add the most new jobs of any occupation,” with the second-fastest growth of any occupation at 48.8 percent.

Interestingly, more than half of new job openings are the result of new distinct jobs rather than replacements for those who leave the labor force. This is unusual and bodes well for entry-level workers entering the field.

What drives this increase? In part, it is due to the increased life expectancy enjoyed over the past century. Americans are living longer, and this results in an increased need for preventative medicine and palliative care.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also resulted in an increased need for medical professionals. Even as the pandemic wanes, preparations for future public health events will require an ample workforce. The strain of working in an understaffed environment caused some to seek other employment, leaving additional openings.

Careers in Construction

“Construction and extraction occupations” are increasing at the “faster than average” rate of 21.4 percent. This increase is despite a sharp decline in employment following the “housing bubble” and recession of 2007-2009. Over a million new jobs have been added over the past decade.

Certain construction fields have experienced especial growth. Mechanical insulation workers have a 46.7 percent increase and brick masons, stonemasons, blockmasons, tile, and marble setters expect a 43 percent increase.

In Conclusion

Despite the financial setbacks and economic ups and downs experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States job market continues to exhibit growth overall. Jobs in the healthcare field, including healthcare support and personal care, have grown exponentially during the last decade, and this growth is expected to continue. Personal care aides have seen phenomenal job growth, ranking second among all careers.

The construction industry also expects to maintain its track record of job increase. Mechanical insulation workers, tile and marble setters, stonemasons, blockmasons, and brick masons are among the ten fastest-growing occupations in the country.

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