How To Prepare for Diversity in the Start of Comeback in 5 U.S Cities

Creating a winning marketing strategy in tourism, especially in this pandemic, is a tough job. To follow strict health and safety protocols, people choose to stay at home and avoids vacationing ideas. However, everything is slowly changing with the comeback of the five U.S. tourism cities.

The utilization of Covid-19 vaccinations and the reopening of establishments caused a noticeable resurgence of tourism in some parts of the United States. This is most prominent in warmer cities such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Las Vegas. So, if you own a business in these areas, you must be prepared to accommodate the influx of diverse customers.

But, how is it possible to attract more customers and promote health and safety at the same time? We’ll talk about that in this article.

Use marketing translation services

Whether you want to target local or foreign customers, translating your marketing content will benefit you in various ways. Americans use about 430 languages, and there are over 25.1 million LEPs across the states. These people will be uninterested in your approaches if they can’t understand your offers.

Thus, seeking help from marketing translation services to communicate effectively with foreign language audiences is ideal for targeting multilingual. Make sure to respect their culture and language when translating and hire professionals to avoid miscommunication. If you are thinking of using apps and software for translations, make sure to have someone to post-edit them for accuracy.

These are the things that you need to translate:

  • Web contents
  • Blogs and articles
  • Landing pages
  • Social media posts and ads
  • Emails
  • Chatbot responses

Research about your target customers

First things first, know who your customers are. Know the places that are allowing leisure travels because most of your customers will surely come from them. Thus, reading the latest news and latest Covid-19 updates. You can also check some social media posts on travel groups and competitors to see the perfect customers to target at this time.

Moreover, it is best to understand your customers to know the destinations and experiences that they are looking for. Search about their culture, preferences, languages, and trends. Know about their booking and payment preferences according to their demographics. And most of all, it is essential to build a customer persona to make your marketing strategies more effective.

Observe Covid-19 Policies

When planning to reopen your business for tourists, make sure to follow strict Covid guidelines in your area. Even if you think only accepting 50% of your venue capacity will hurt your revenue, violating this will only hurt your business in the long run. Be updated by reading the news and following your local government’s social media account.

Here are the things that you should about the Covid Guidelines in your cities:

  • Sanitations needed
  • Maximum occupants capacity for establishments and hotels
  • Social distancing and masks rules
  • Type of establishments that are allowed to open

If possible, you can also do small renovations on your establishment to promote more safety for your customers.

Update your web content

Websites are the most effective informational devices that you can use to connect with your customers. Thus, it is essential to update your website about the latest offers that your business is offering. Make sure to warn people about the Covid protocols that you and your customers must follow at all times.

Moreover, these times of pandemic calls for alternative ways of payment processes instead of cash. Let your customers know about them on your website and remind them to make reservations a month or two weeks in advance. Make sure to explain these things nicely and clearly to avoid any issues in the future.

Aside from that, you should also constantly update your blogs to boost your visibility and customer engagement. Millions of people are trapped inside their houses for a long time and will try to find ways to end their boredom. Thus, it will be a great idea to post some travel guides and blogs that people will love. Don’t forget to optimize them!

Engage in social media platforms

With limited ways to enjoy themselves indoor, people have doubled their social media exposure and spend most of their free time there. Thus, social media platforms make the best way to get more customers with minimal effort.

To start, you can hire social media managers who will help you earn more user engagement in social media. Depending on your target customers, you can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok to gain more leads. You can also partner with influencers to make your establishment more known.

Just make sure that you post creative and informational content such as posts, blogs, and videos. Share some real stories and experiences of your previous customers for more engagement. If they become viral, it will be an amazing opportunity for you. More importantly, make an effort to understand other cultures and languages to adapt them to your content.

Sell experience now!

This is a trying time for tourism establishments that were affected by the global pandemic. However, the existence of vaccines made a lot of improvements for businesses related to leisure, travel, and accommodation. To take this opportunity, it best to boost your marketing strategies and customer engagement via social media and blogs.

Still, the key to having more customers is to sell an experience rather than products or accommodation. Offer them something new that will make the time they spent inside their home worthwhile.



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