5 Top Essentials Grooming Tools for Dogs In 2021

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Did you know that 95% of Americans consider pets part of their family, with 63.4 million households owning dogs? In addition, according to Market Research, data from Experian Market Research found that 33% of dog and cat owners have purchased grooming supplies.

Therefore, every dog deserves some grooming routine and our utmost care. Here are the top essential grooming tools for dogs in 2021.

  1. Nail Care Tools

If you are out to purchase some essentials of dog grooming tools, what better than nail care products. Maintenance of your dog’s nails is the primary aspect of grooming your dog.  It would be impossible to trim your dog’s nails without the proper tools. Naturally, therefore, you’ll require a nice pair of nail clippers.

When maintaining your dog’s nails, you’ll also need a styptic powder. It’ll come in handy whenever you accidentally clip your dog’s nail too far. The styptic powder will make the bleeding stop.

  1. A treat dispenser

If bath time sessions make your dog nervous, a treat dispenser will do an excellent job at distracting them. A treat dispenser is a rigid silicone slow feeder stuck to the shower wall, which keeps the dog occupied while freeing your hands.

You can put some cream cheese, meat flavored baby food, or spread some peanut on it. Then, place it between the raised nubs, which should be within reach. For a long-lasting treat, be sure to freeze the mat overnight.

  1. A dog bathing brush

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A dog bathing brush will help you wash and rinse your dog. In addition, a spray nozzle attachment in the bathroom can make it faster and easier when rinsing shampoo and conditioner.

However, some dogs might find the spraying overwhelming, especially on the face or other sensitive areas. For nervous dogs, it would be best to use a simple bucket filled with some warm water.

  1. Canine hair clipper

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If you have got the time and desire, you can trim your dog’s hair by yourself. It can challenge beginners. But you can learn and practice the finer points of cutting your dog’s hair at home.

Canine hair clippers can do an excellent job. They come with several blade guards that allow you easily trim your dog’s hair. It can also allow you to cut your dog’s hair to the desired portion of coat length.

  1. Dog Ear Care

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Many times, we often overlook the proper care of our dog’s ear. However, it’s essential to maintain them the same way as their hair and nails. A routine ear clean can eliminate the buildup of wax, debris, or sebum, thus preventing ear infections.

You can talk to a groomer or veterinary professional about the best techniques to clean your dog’s ear.


The above top essential grooming tools for dogs in 2021 will go a long way in making your furry friend clean and healthy. It’s that time you took good care of man’s best friend.



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