15 Life Saving Hacks for Busy Parents

When you have responsibility for family and work, and you are doing your best to fulfill it, but at the same time, it might be challenging for you. When you cannot balance work-life and family, this causes pain and disturbance to you and your family. The parenting struggle is real, especially for a busy parent. But don’t worry, we have some of the solutions ready for you.

Tips For A Busy Parent

Usually, what a hectic parent wants is free time with their family and friends. Some of the working parents seem to manage and make way, but mostly it is not the case. For those parents, here are some of the life hacks that can make your work easier and faster, but most importantly, you will be able to spend a bit of time with your family.

1. Planning meals

Usually, people cannot make up minds about what to cook; planning meals ahead reduces confusion. When you are sure about what to cook, the next step is peeling and cutting vegetables and fruits beforehand. The most time-consuming activity in cooking is cutting and peeling. If you make it ready a day before, you will save enough time as cooking only requires a maximum of 1,2 hours.

Other than that, you can save your time in grocery shopping too. You might go shopping for grocery items daily, but won’t it be easier to do grocery two days a week? Make a list of necessary goods that you have to buy and always buy in bulk.  Store it in the refrigerator so that you don’t have to spend more time shopping.

2. Designing a schedule

Prioritize tasks and decide what needs to be done before you get up each morning. Creating a schedule is an effective way of time management, where having a list will help you focus your thoughts and reduce tension. Create a plan for laundry, cleaning, and bathing pets once a week. After you finish the work, tick them, you will feel happy and relaxed and this will not forget about a list of work you need to complete.

3. Hold Family Meetings

Having a weekly gathering with the whole family helps to manage activities and ensure that everyone is ready for the week ahead. Ask opinions and suggestions with your family and if any conflicts are arising, discuss with them. A family session doesn’t need to be long; you can end in about 10 -15 min when everyone is on the same page. Another easier way is to form a group chat on social media for discussion.

4. Limit your screen time

Too much screen time is not suitable for a busy person. Usually, a significant amount of time is wasted due to social media and the internet. If you want to save your time, then make timers while checking social media. Keep a timer of 15 minutes so that you will subconsciously remember to stop when necessary. Remember you must control your Internet habit so that you can enjoy your time with family.

5. Set your child sleeping routine

Sleep is necessary to energy and to remove tiredness from life. Generally, your toddlers need 10-12 hours of sleep; make it strict so that they will follow, and you can change the password of the internet so that they cannot use their smartphones. When your child sleeps, you can enjoy your time in other activities like movies, listening to a song, using social media, and many more, or even you can take a peaceful nap.

6 . Monitoring Software’s

If you want to know about what your children are doing on the Internet, install parental control software. Parental software helps you to monitor the activities of your child from work or any place. You can also restrict or filter out inappropriate content from their devices. You can find free software or paid versions of software to protect your child from the internet.

Your child might engage in different activities, and as you are busy with work, you will not know about it,  So parental software will make your job easier. You will analyze your children’s search results and history and understand what they are thinking about.

7. Order online

Although the internet is not safe, it has created a platform that makes it easier to connect and communicate with people. If you are busy, you can order online easily, as there are many online platforms you can buy clothes, groceries, devices, books, and items you cannot think of. A hectic person can easily depend on online shopping, whereas some of the biggest online sites are Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Flipkart, and many more.

8. Organize

You don’t have to make your home more beautiful if you haven’t got time. However, if you have a well-organized family, life will go even more smoothly. An unorganized home will make you waste more than 10 minutes a day searching for something daily. You need to make a discipline that helps your track and grabs your stuff when you need them.

Hanging your clothes in the same place, keeping a pair of socks together, keeping a handkerchief in a different section, and many more. Teach your children so that you won’t need to search the whole house, and if your kid doesn’t follow the rule, you can take their gadget from them for certain days as a consequence.

9. Assign your children with chores

You can get help from your children, as children are energetic and love doing chores. Many children want to spend time with their parents, which is one of the perfect ways to get along with your child and give them time. Duties should not be complex; you can provide simple chores such as cleaning windows, tables, picking garbage, sweeping floors, and dusting.

Meantime they will reduce their screen time from their gadget, and you will be able to get more free time after that, don’t forget to buy them something yummy to enjoy doing chores next time.

10. Use your free hour

You will get a break of half an hour to one-hour intervals during office hours. You can utilize that time in doing your remaining work, such as catching up with friends, watching a short movie, going to your children’s school to get feedback from teachers, and many more. Do productive work or enjoy your hour to remove stress.

11. Don’t do too much for your children

Don’t make your child too dependent on you. Ask them to do their work, but if there is anything they need, ask them in a friendly manner. Sometimes your child may feel irritated if you intervene too much in their activities, so try to limit your control. But watch out for them because they may go in the wrong direction.

12. Cut Caffeine

People tend to drink too much caffeine to remove their tiredness at work. But drinking too much caffeine may lead to insomnia, and for a busy person, you need enough sleep to get energy. So, try to replace caffeine with other drinks such as energy drinks and green tea, which benefit your health.

13. Take holiday

A holiday is meant for you to remove stress and worries and enjoy the moments. You can take a vacation or a short trip or picnic with your family or otherwise with your friends. Vacation might create additional work for you, but it is worth it brings excitement, relieves some of your burdens, and helps to come out with a fresh mind.

14. Participate your kids in training

Your kids need entertainment, and providing them training according to their interests helps them enhance their skills and learning. First, know what they enjoy most and what they want to learn. You can admit them to academies or institutes like dancing academy, guitar academy, music, drama, sports, and many more. Due to this, you will also get enough free time.

15. Take help from caretakers

When you cannot manage your time, the best solution is to take help from experts. You can ask them to look after children, wash clothes, clean houses or other house chores by paying a certain amount of money. This will surely help you make your work more accessible, and you can easily search for caretakers online. Make sure you keep a good and secure person to look after your house.


Usually, parents are so busy with their work and life that they cannot provide their children with time. How busy you are in your work, try to make time for your children because you will not get another chance to enjoy these moments with your child. Enjoy and make each moment memorable with your children and family.

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