10 Things You Should Always Carry While Backpacking

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Packing is among one of the challenging aspects of trip planning. Even for experienced hikers and outdoor lovers, ensuring all essentials are safely tucked into the backpack is often a struggle. So before you embark on any big trip, you need a list that can help you tick off all the essential items to take along. Such a list will help take the guesswork out of your packing and ensure your memory doesn’t fail you.

So this article compiles the ultimate checklist of ten things you need when backpacking for your next trip.

1.  Navigation Pack

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You can’t afford to leave out modern navigation tools, including a compass, GPS device, map, personal locator beacon, and altimeter. These essential tools will help you get from one point to another without the need to rely on strangers.

Besides carrying these, you also need to make sure that you can competently use your topographic map, combine that with skillful compass use, a GPS device, and you’re good to go. Even in a worst-case scenario, your satellite messenger or personal locator beacon will help you get the needed assistance quickly.

2.  Universal Adapters

You can’t afford to forget your travel adapters. Ideally, you should get one with the latest ports and fire out optimal power to get your devices charged from zero to 100 percent in no time. Also, you need to research your destination and find out the plugs used in the sockets. This will save you some money since you won’t have to buy at higher prices at the airport.

3.  Water Bottle

Dehydration can be life-threatening on the road. Therefore, you always need to carry a water bottle when packing. Usually, your backpack should have a dedicated compartment for your water bottle. This way, you can easily reach your bottle and remain hydrated when necessary. Remember, the right water bottle needs to be reusable and durable in different conditions.

4.  Munching Snacks

As the saying goes, “The Army walks on its stomach.” It doesn’t matter if you’re a real-life ‘Rambo’; you’ll need to replenish your energy on the road. Energy depletion is one of the many things that travelers and hikers dread on trips. Therefore, you should never forget to carry items like Snickers, dried nuts, a pack of trail mix, delta 8, and dry fruits. All these items are lightweight and occupy little space, although they pack a lot of calories.

5.  Passport

The only reason a valid passport didn’t come in the first place is that you may not need a passport until you’re traveling outside the country. However, it can easily be the most crucial thing in your backpack, depending on your destination. To keep it safe and secure, always place it in the inner compartment of your pack.

6.  Sun cream

A suncream is another valuable item you can’t afford to leave out when backpacking, especially for those that tend to burn quickly. If you find yourself out in the hot sun, applying it will make a lot of difference. Mostly, they are simple products that you can easily carry with you everywhere, and the same goes for sunglasses too because you want to protect your eyes.

7.  First Aid/Medication

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You shouldn’t consider your preparation and packing done until you’ve carried a first aid kit containing all your medications. It’s impossible to know when you’ll need the items in the first aid kit. However, forgetting your medications is a recipe for disaster, and you can’t have that happening.

8.  Swiss Knife

A single multi-purpose toolset like the swiss knife can prove quite handy in several situations. Many experienced campers and outdoor people rely on it to fix different things on the road. Also, they can last a lifetime if you take good care of them, and that starts with parking them before you head out. You won’t regret it.

9.  Hand Sanitizer

The hand sanitizer is currently one of the everyday items you’ll see people carrying around. However, it’s also among the easiest to overlook when going on a trip. Maybe you feel you can buy one along the way; after all, how much can they cost, right? But when you consider the number of unclean spots your hands will come into contact with, you’re better off using them as often as possible. And that means carrying one before leaving home.

10. Weather Appropriate Clothing

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As earlier mentioned, a successful trip stems from adequate preparation and research. Your research of the destination will show you the right type of clothes to carry. You’ll find that dry fit and synthetic fabric clothes are the best for hiking and outdoor trips. Hence, you should bring extra when packing. The same goes for the boots and other pieces of clothing like gloves and hats.


Things can be pretty unpredictable on any given day of your journey. The weather may turn windy, wet, or chilly. It’s your duty to be prepared for whatever mother nature throws at you. Therefore, you have to ensure that you carry all necessary items to guarantee a safe, memorable, and hassle-free journey. Usually, this means carefully considering the essential items for your survival and free passage if you’re traveling abroad. Remember, you don’t have to wait till something goes wrong to appreciate the usefulness of a properly packed backpack.

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