The Art of Crowdfunding Like a Pro

Thinking of launching a crowdfunding campaign

Creating a successful one demands strategy, purpose, and a strong mission statement. Investors are exposed to various new business opportunities every day, which requires business owners to make a lasting impression.

If you want your project to stand out, you need to connect with investors and make them believe in your story. Be prepared to utilize resources outside of your crowdfunding platform, and put in the work to build a professional reputation.

Don’t Let The Platform Drive Your Campaign

Think of your crowdfunding platform as a resource, not your entire campaign. Platforms can only do so much to support your efforts. Take your story elsewhere, and build a credible presence that potential funders will notice. In order to display legitimacy, you need to explain what you’re doing, who you are, what your budget is, why the project matters, and how it will succeed in the industry.

Don’t follow the money; follow the people. Build a community that feels like they’re part of the company; this will drive your results. If you don’t do the legwork, the platform won’t carry your project

Tell a Story People Can Get Behind

People want to support missions they feel inspired by, and a powerful story can make a world of difference for your campaign. It’s essential to build connections that people will remember and lead with purpose at the forefront. For example, Ashley Black raised $1.8m+ for her crowdfunding campaign by centering it around her own story of overcoming physical challenges.

Instead of focusing on her product, Black put the mission and customers at the forefront of the story. This is the transition that turns self-promotion into a relatable brand.

Treat Your Campaign Like a Product Launch

When you treat crowdfunding like a product launch, you utilize all your resources. Instead of hunting for the money, you’re connecting with people and getting them invested in your brand. The way you make a sale isn’t by asking; it’s convincing.

Create a strong campaign that delivers exceptional credibility behind your product, value, mission, and customer benefits. When you generate organic attention from people, contributing investors will naturally follow. Consider crowdfunding a pathway to promoting your business, not the sole contender behind mission and brand impact.

Give Investors Upside

Investors are taking a risk by betting on your business. Be transparent with your finances, and lead with the real value of your company. If you want to close a deal, they need to trust that there are lasting benefits for them.

Propose a win-win situation, and make sure that the upside is attractive for investors. Most investors will talk finances, not just your brand story. Be well versed in the numbers and trajectory of your business growth. If you are educated, you build credibility in the eyes of prospective investors. They want to know that you’ve been considering this for a long time and have a legitimate plan of action.

A successful crowdfunding campaign demands time and strategy. If you care about the mission and the impact of your project, this passion will be evident to customers and investors alike.

Create a strong business presence from the beginning, and utilize external resources outside of your platform alone. 

If you offer real value to investors and a story people can relate to, you’ll be ahead of the majority of campaigns launching today.

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